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My project known as WallRunner is a race around a psychedelic space maze where players shoot down targets and reach the goal as fast as possible. Like the name implies, players can run along walls and there is double jumping; the system is based on the style used in Titanfall

Panoramic shot of the whole map.

Engine: Unreal Engine 4.16

Genre: Capture The Flag

Development time: 4 Months


  • Level layout

  • New Mechanic design

  • New Mechanic scripting

  • Aesthetics


Game Summary:

MineCrasher is a Capture The Flag (CTF) level created in Unreal Tournament 4. Set in an underground industrial complex, the level features a custom mechanic I call the gas vials. When these are shot, a purple gas appears around the broken vial, which slows and damages all players that cross them. This allows for interesting situations where players can use the gas offensively to take down opponents, but also defensively by slowing down anybody chasing a flag bearer, or even blocking a path to redirect combat to a more favorable route.

Glass Vials:

Vials deal damage over time, at a rate of approximately 30 Damage/second, while also decreasing speed by 30%. They're brightly colored and shatter with any damage. The goal with designing them was to have some dynamic element that don't interfere with a balanced play experience.

During playtest they definitively helped since I'm not the best player in the world, yet it didn't swing the game too much that it felt broken. 


The map has three main paths to each of the bases. One of those requires the use of the translocator and drops you right on the flag room. The main room features a cavernous rock ceiling, while the outer room paths are more close quarters.

The gas vials are found on the mid, since during testing people disliked being limited in the close quarters sections of the outer and flag rooms.


What Went Right?

  • Map has great sense of flow.

What Went Wrong?

  • Aesthetics could stand to use a better pass.

What Was Learned?

  • Player freedom is a powerful thing. Designing around the idea of letting player do what they want invariably requires a very flexible design.

  • Even if you think you've discovered optimal paths or what you believe is the best strategy, play testers will surprise you. Test often.

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