• Gameplay Scripting

  • High Level Game Design

  • Game System Design

  • Game Balancing

  • Game Mechanics Design

  • BSP/Whitebox

  • Agile Development

  • Scrum Methodology



Scripting Skills

  • Unreal Engine IV

  • Skyrim Creation Kit

  • RedKit

  • Hammer Engine

  • Unity

  • Microsoft Office Suite

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • 3DS Max

  • Version Control (Perforce)

  • JIRA

  • C++

  • C#

  • Papyrus

  • Lua

  • Python

  • Excel VBA

Team Projects

8 Months


12 Months


5 Months


5 Months


4 Months


Game Designer  Erica – Custom Engine – 14 Person Team – Interactive Narrative

  • Tuned interaction sensitivity, matching player's movements to the world's. This included gravity, acceleration, maximum and minimum movement speeds, friction, and a other factors.

  • Tuned and implemente GUI elements to ensure quality of visibility.


Game DesignerEdge Flip – Unity – 12 Person Team – Mobile Puzzle

  • Designed and implemented over 30 Levels, with different puzzle mechanics and themes.

  • Designed, tested, and documented boss challenges.

  • Balanced and adjusted level difficulty to ensure a smooth and fun challenge curve


Level DesignerUp In The Air – Unreal Engine IV – 13 Person Team – Open World

  • Designed and implemented a large portion of the game’s “gameplay bytes”, small and short games that make up most of the challenge.

  • Documented standards for gameplay bytes used by the entire team

  • Scripted and prototyped two of the game’s three arenas, which are larger challenges player unlock.

  • Collaborated with Software Development Team to finalize gameplay implementation.

  • Polished gameplay bytes to ensure high level of quality, including visual polish.

Level DesignerAuxilium – Unreal Engine IV – 50 Person team – Class-based Capture the Flag

  • Designed and collaborated with a team to create the four classes that the game is based on.

  • Collaborated with Game Designer, documenting and maintaining the character metrics.

  • Constructed layout, and flow of one of the game’s four maps.

  • Decorated and populated said map.


Game Designer Escape Velocity – Unity– 5 Person Team – Mobile

  • Designed and scripted pseudo-procedurally generated obstacles, created from a pool of waves.

  • Created and designed 30+ waves.

  • Iterated and polished game and player speeds.

Individual Projects

6 Months


Wall Runner – Unreal Engine IV – Freeflowing parkour shooting gallery

  • Created a shooting gallery game with movement based on Titanfall.

  • Designed layouts that accommodate multiple paths and multiple skill levels.

  • Scripted all functionality.


6 Months


Mine Crasher – Unreal Tournament – Capture the Flag Map with Custom Events

  • Designed a Capture the Flag map with dynamic environmental hazards.

  • Scripted noxious gas functionality, allowing players to control the map by activating damaging clouds of gas.

  • Successfully transferred map from custom assets to Unreal Engine assets.

4 Months


​Shout of the Ancients – Skyrim Creation Kit – Single Player Adventure mod

  • Designed a quest and accompanying dungeon in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

  • Created custom dragon shout, which combines ice and fire to clear puzzles.

  • Implemented boss fight against a bone dragon.


SMU Guildhall, Masters of Interactive Technology, Level Design                                                                                                May 2018

Tecnológico de Monterrey, Bachelor In Computer Science                                                                                                      May 2015



Gold Winner - GDC's Game Narrative Review