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Personal Statement

     I am a Game Designer with a passion for expressive gameplay that allows players to interact with the game in their own unique way. I value deep design in levels and game systems that reward player exploration and curiosity. Notably, at Flavourworks, I played a pivotal role in hero mechanics design for "Cuttlefish" and "Erica," ensuring precision in tuning and GUI implementation. My contributions to Lume Studios and at SMU Guildhall highlight my ability to craft engaging levels, document efficiently and thoroughly, and collaborate effectively in various game genres. Recognized as a Gold Winner in GDC's 2018 Game Narrative Review, I bring both technical prowess and expertise in creating compelling game narratives.


Gameplay Scripting: Proficient in scripting languages such as C++, C#, Papyrus, Lua, Python, and Excel VBA.

Game Design: Extensive experience in high-level game design, game system design, narrative design, and game balancing.

Engines: Expertise in Unreal Engine IV, Unity, Skyrim Creation Kit, and RedKit.

Software: Skilled in Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, 3DS Max, Version Control (Perforce), and JIRA.

Team Collaboration: Proven ability to thrive in remote/hybrid collaboration environments using Agile methodologies and Scrum.

Professional Experience

Anima Interactive (December 2023 – Present)

Lead Game Designer – Unnanounced Project – Unity – Unnanounced

  • Developed and fleshed out the core gameplay loop, player actions and systems, AI behaviors.

  • Taken ownership of level design, mapping out, prototyping, and testing out levels from conception to implementation.

  • Collaborated with remote design team, organizing scheduling, and communicating project vision.

  • Collaborated and coordinated with art, programming, and narrative teams to ensure that each discipline’s needs were met.

Flavourworks (March 2020 – December 2023)

Game Designer – Unpublished Project – Touch Video (Custom Engine) – Live Action Puzzle (10 Months)

  • Worked on pitch and early stages design for a new IP, bridging collaboration between design and writing departments.

  • Collaborated with stakeholders to design, document, and present core gameplay loop.

  • Prototyped core gameplay mechanics.


Game Designer – Cuttlefish – Touch Video (Custom Engine) – Live Action Interactive Narrative (2 years, months)

  • Spearheaded the design of hero mechanics, providing clear and concise documentation.

  • Collaborated seamlessly with writers and production, translating ideas to the filming set.

  • Fine-tuned interaction sensitivity, ensuring seamless alignment of player movements with on-screen action.

  • Assumed ownership of GUI implementation, fostering collaboration with the art department.


Game Designer – Erica – Touch Video (Custom Engine) – Live Action Interactive Narrative (8 Months)

  • Applied expertise in tuning interaction sensitivity and implementing GUI elements for optimal visibility.

  • Conducted thorough testing and tuning of the iOS and Steam port of the game.


Lume Studios (March 2019 – December 2020)

Level Designer – EdgeFlip – Unity – Lume Studios – Mobile Puzzle (10 Months)

  • Designed and implemented over 30 levels with diverse puzzle mechanics and themes.

  • Developed, tested, and documented challenging boss encounters.

  • Balanced and adjusted level difficulty to ensure a smooth and enjoyable challenge curve.


Guildhall Team (August 2017 – December 2017)

Level Designer – Up In The Air – Unreal Engine IV – Guildhall Team – Open World Adventure (5 Months)

 Designed and implemented a significant portion of the game's "gameplay bytes."

  • Documented standards for gameplay bytes, serving as a reference for the entire team.

  • Scripted and prototyped two of the game’s three arenas in collaboration with the Software Development Team.

  • Ensured a high level of quality through the polishing of gameplay bytes, including visual enhancements.


Level Designer – Auxilium – Unreal Engine IV – Guildhall Team – Class-based Capture the Flag (5 Months)

 Collaborated on the design and creation of the four classes forming the foundation of the game.

  • Documented and maintained character metrics, contributing to the overall game balance.

  • Constructed the layout and flow of one of the game’s four maps, handling decoration and population.


Master’s Of Interactive Technology, Level Design Specialization (2016-2018)

Bachelor in Computer Science (2010-2015)


Gold Winner, GDC’s Game Narrative Review (2018)


3rd Place Best Gameplay for Up In The Air, GDC’s Intel University contest (2018)



Upon Request.

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